Dübendorfer Kammerorchester (Chamber Orchestra)

OrchesterConductor : Arthur H. Lilienthal

President: Andrea Kennel

Rehearsal location: At the moment we have our rehersals in Singsaal Stägenbuck or in the Innovationspark. After Corona we will be IMWIL, Fällandenstrasse 22, 8600 Dübendorf.

Twice a year, the orchestra presents a new programme of classical music to the public. The concerts, which are supported by the Kulturkommision Dübendorf, usually take place in the Church Wil in Dübendorf. When the opportunity arises, further concerts are also held outside Dübendorf.
If you are interested in playing along, please get in touch.
You are also welcome to listen in on a rehearsal (by appointment).
Rehearsals are held every Tuesday evening outside the school holidays. With a musically busy weekend and additional rehearsals, the orchestra tries to prepare optimally for a concert.
The good fellowship among each other - as a prerequisite for harmonious music-making - is promoted by sporadic social events.


In 1954, the Dübendorf Chamber Orchestra was founded by Samuel and Ernst Langmeier. The conductor was Theo Halter, who led the orchestra until 1980. After that, Hans Meister took over as conductor, soon alternating with Arthur H. Lilienthal. Since 1987, Arthur H. Lilienthal has been the complete musical director of the Dübendorf Chamber Orchestra.


The Dübendorf Chamber Orchestra consists of about 25 active members and about 60 patrons.

At present the orchestra has the following line-up:

  • 9 First violins (including concertmaster)
  • 8 Second violins
  • 4 Violas
  • 4 Celli

At the concerts we are joined by additional musicians (double bass, wind instruments) depending on the programme.

If you are interested in playing along, please get in touch.